Let's hope this can be implemented. I receive these scammers calls daily an just get rid of them, but people like my 91 year old mother in law are plagued by them and get distressed.

Have you considered what effect your phone system setup has on your customers? Could it be that most of them look like the chap below?

He's frustrated.

His time is being wasted.

He is thinking evil thoughts about the company he is calling.

Yet many co…

It looks like the news media is starting to pickup on the #bigswitchoff. Are you sure your business won't be affected? I recently audited a business that had gone to #voip or thought they had until I asked them what the phone lin…

Are you making plans for the big BT switch off?
You can get ahead of the rush and lower costs by making the change now. Get in touch if you would like help understanding what it means for your business.
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Find out more about #unifiedcommunications with this article.
If you want assistance understanding UC or help moving your business into UC use, just let me know.

Good customer service means answering the customers call quickly. Many businesses leave customers hanging on the phone waiting for Reception, but this is not necessary.

If you need any help designing a call flow for your office, just get in touch.

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