Introducing the Ones and Zeros Telephone Cloud

Wondering where to go with your office telecoms? Baffled by the cloud and just want a working telephone system? We can help. Simply put, we put phones on desks, make them work, and keep them working. If you want more, we give you more. Our service is friendly and so are our prices.

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At a glance

  • Just want a virtual landline number to put on your website? We can give you that.
  • You need handsets on desks or in employees houses? We can provide that.
  • Want to do away with handsets and use soft phones. Sure – we do that.
  • Provide your staff with voicemail? Yes you can!
  • Make the most of your devices and free up valuable time? Yep, you can answer on your mobile.
  • Connect with colleagues in a simple click – via chat, call, text or meetings
  • Give callers options to choose from? Yes it’s simple.
  • Sounds complex? No, it’s mindbogglingly easy to use.
  • Will you be locked in? No, you’ll have a low priced rolling monthly contract

Take a look at our system features here