Home Working

Most companies that have instituted home working have found it relatively easy to give their workers access to data services, but they haven’t found it so simple to move telephony services into their workers homes. Asking a worker to use their mobile may mean the workers personal number is exposed to the client and the worker may run up high bills.

Some companies have found that their internal phone system doesn’t support remote working, or if it does the costs are high to get it licensed and to purchase the equipment.

Other companies have found that their workers home broadband, whilst fine for watching a movie or for surfing the internet, is not of a good enough quality to support voice or video conference services.

At Ones and Zeros we have the experience and knowledge to assist with these issues.

We can

  • Provide low cost VoIP phones that cost far less than proprietary handsets
  • Mate our cloud systems with your on premises systems to provide a hybrid solution – no need to forklift your existing system
  • Bundle the calls to prevent surprise bills
  • Leverage 4G and 5G technologies to allow homeworking in internet blackspots

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