I've just had a go at using 8x8 communication. They provide business phone, video, chat, and contact center solutions—all in one app. And works on any device. Check it out, use my link #Experience8x8

Check out our new series of articles for users of FreePBX. We guide you through installation and setup. Https://

If MobeX sounds like it could be what you need to get through the next few weeks of bad weather and train strikes, give me a call.

0116 303 3714 (I usually answer on MobeX)

As BT continue to move services off their traditional network and on to the internet, you need a partner who understands the options and who can provide solutions and the support you need.

BT have already stopped selling traditional telephone lines in ov…

Don't forget the #bigswitchoff In 2025 Openreach will turn off remaining ISDN and analogue lines to homes and businesses. This means they are not investing in the current network and it is becoming less reliable and repairs are taking longer. Contact us to act now.

I just earned a skill badge for IT Operations! Who's next? See how you do on a #LinkedInSkillAssessment.

Did you know that over two thirds of care homes don’t provide wifi for their residents? Many of those entering care would have had this facility in their home and the lack of it increases their isolation and cuts them off from fami…

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