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Harnessing WhatsApp with Whatex

Whatex Web Integration with WhatsApp Business

Perhaps you have noticed an increasing number of businesses are talking to their customers on WhatsApp. How do they do it? There are two methods provided by WhatsApp. The first is to use the WhatsApp Business app on your mobile. That’s great if you are a one person business, but not good for customer service or sales teams. They also offer WhatsApp Platform, but that is a toolkit you use to build your own solution

We offer Whatex. This opens up the power of WhatsApp Business in an easy to use web and mobile package. It’s the app you need to make WhatsApp Business usable in a larger business. You can have team inboxes so that anyone can reply to messages, you can have auto responses and you can have reply templates. Customer conversations can be easily passed to your CRM to increase visibility of interactions across the business. Interactions will be processed swiftly and easily leading to greater customer satisfaction.

Interactions can be instigated from buttons on your website, in your email footers as well as by direct WhatsApp messages.

Whatex in use with WhatsApp Business

Why do you need to use WhatsApp in your Business

  • Messaging has become the preferred method of communication in our personal lives.
  • WhatsApp is the worlds most popular messaging app with over 2 billion active users
  • An average user checks WhatsApp 23 times a day
  • Personal email accounts are drowning in spam and junk
  • Open and read rates are 7 times better in WhatsApp than in email

    Whatex is a fully brandable solution. Customers will see your company logos and colours while interacting with your business on WhatsApp. A full description can be found here. https://www.whatex.app/ .

    In addition the system will be setup to your specification and full training given to stafff at handover

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